What is Game Testing?

Posted on Aug 29 2012 - 3:02pm by Raj

The advent of online gaming has created an entire new industry within the field of software. Online games too need to be tested before they are released to the public, and gaming testing is one such exciting field that requires specific computing skills along with a passion to play and test upcoming video games.

In addition to video games that are already sold in the form of CDs, online gaming too has boosted the gaming market beyond imagination. If you love playing video games or online games and literally live to play a wide variety of games then you too can try to get into this exciting industry to test games before they are officially launched in the market. You might not need to be technically qualified to work in certain departments, but you will surely need a knack for catching software bugs in each video game or section of a video game that you test before it is finally approved for release.

With computers becoming much more powerful, video games too have evolved dramatically in the recent past, and games today have become much more complex to program, test and play. Hence, most gaming companies have their own Quality Assurance department that could contain several testers to test various aspects of each game and report all bugs so that they can be eradicated by programmers. Although you may not be required to know about actual programming you will still need to work closely with gaming programmers to fully understand the concept of gaming testing as well as exchange ideas with them after each test.

You might be required to do functionality testing, which basically is to seek out general bugs in each game. In addition you might also need to test if the game is compatible with various hardware and software platforms. You might also have to translate your game in different languages if your games are bound for international markets through CDs or through the internet. Other forms of testing such as regression testing involves checking the game again after the bugs have been removed to check if the game is still free of bugs or whether the game works flawlessly after the removal of existing bugs. However, one field that requires a high level of technical knowledge is compliance testing that might also require a combination of hardware, software, and legal knowledge too.

Gaming testing is very important for gaming companies as once a game is launched in the market then any error or bugs in that game could cost severe losses to the company in terms of money and reputation. Locating bugs at the last minute too could delay launches of new games and cause embarrassment to the company. More importantly, if clients that are usually gaming aficionados found bugs after a game was launched then they would surely thrash the company and its programmers on online blogs and forums. Thus, as an efficient gaming testing professional, it will be your job to ensure that only a seamlessly-running video game free of all possible bugs is allowed to pass through your department.

With record numbers of CD games as well as online games being released with each passing day, there is a strong demand for gaming testing professionals at various levels. If your life involves playing video games all day then it is time to turn that passion into a well-paying job.

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