What is Alpha Testing?

Posted on May 2 2009 - 5:06pm by Raj

What is Alpha Testing?

It is the first validation of newly built up hardware or software in a testing environment setting. Once the 1st cycle of bugs has been fixed, the software enters beta test with real users. For custom software, the customer may be invited into the vendor’s facilities for an alpha test to ascertain the customer’s requirements have been understood properly by the developer.

The alpha build of the software is the build to the internal software testers, i.e., people different from the coders, sometimes to the public, but commonly internal to the organisation or community that develops the product. In a rush to marketplace, a lot of and more organizations are affiancing external clients or value-chain collaborators in their alpha testing phase. This allows for more extended usability quality control during the alpha phase.

In the 1st phase of testing, coders generally test the software applying white box techniques. Additional Testings are then performed using black box or grey box techniques, by another dedicated quality control team, sometimes concurrently. Moving to black box testing inside the organisation is known as alpha release.

In software validation nomenclature alpha testing is done by the client in the front of the tester or coders and the test environment is not open for the end cutomers.

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