What is Agile Testing?

Posted on Nov 13 2009 - 5:53am by Raj

Agile testing is a software testing practice, which follows the principles of the agile manifesto, which stresses the test from the perspective of customers who want to use the system. Agile testing is not tightly defined testing procedures, but instead focus on testing newly developed code in an iterative manner until quality is achieved from an end customer’s perspective. In other words, the emphasis shifted from “testers as quality police” to something more like “the entire project team working towards the demonstration of quality.”

Agile testing involves testing from the customer perspective, as early as possible, test early as code becomes available and stable enough from the module / unit level test.

Since in agile software development we have too many frequent builds, there is also a need to test frequently. This is usually done through automated acceptance tests to minimize the amount of manual labor involved. Doing only manual testing in agile development can result in either buggy software or slipping schedules, because it might be impossible to test the whole build manually before each release.

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