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The purpose of this article to show you how to write a Software Testing Resume which get the most out of your qualifications.  A good software tester resume format helps you articulate your skills and opens the door for a job interview. 
Lets Check the Sample Software Testing Resume below:

Always use MS Word/Rich Test Editor to write your resume and a good font would be Verdana 10 or Arial 11.

Your Name
1234 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, USA-02134
1-234-567-0171 (Home)
1-234-567-0171 (Cell)


State this clearly in Bulleted points. This will make your achievements stand out:

• Has been working in the IT industry for more than eight and a half years and out of that over four years in SQA and testing arena.
• Has the ability and experience to understand the architecture and life cycle of a project in depth and would be an ideal candidate for a process oriented black box as well as white box testing and team management.
• Have in depth knowledge of processes and procedures needed in a professional performance management environment, well versed in testing methodologies as data driven tests, regression tests, code coverage, etc. and Mercury Interactive proprietary Test Scripting Language (TSL).

The mentioned list below is quite comprehensive skill sets. But never list anything or too many thinks, particularly if you are writing fresher software testing resume with the hope that people wont able to catch it. Once you are hired, a falsehood on your resume can be grounds for termination. If your resume is examined as part of your promotion review, you could lose your job if someone finds a lie. Or, if your employer wants an excuse to fire you, he could investigate details on your resume with the hope of finding a lie.

• Testing Tools: Win Runner 6.0/5.0, Load Runner 6.0/5.0, Silk Test 5.03, Silk Performer 3.5, Silk Test Radar 2.1, Test Track 5.0, Silk Test 5.03
• Languages: Java, C++, C and Power Builder 4.0
• Internet: ASP, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, XML and DHTML
• GUI: Visual Basic 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0, Oracle Forms 6i/4.5, Reports 6i/2.5, Crystal Reports 8.0/6.0
• Statistical Package: SAS
• Web Servers: IIS 5.0/4.0,Vignette Story Server, Web logic Server, SQL Server 7.0/6.0
• Middleware: COM/DCOM, MTS
• Trackers: PVCS Tracker, SQA Manager and Test Director
• IDE’s: Visual Interdev, Home Site and Cold Fusion RDBMS: SQL Server 7.0/6.5, Oracle 8i/7.x/6.0, MS-Access
• Operating Systems: Macintosh, Unix, Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95


Company Name 1 and web site: It is a good practice to put the web site address so that people can find it quickly. Give the name of the latest company first.

May 2001 – Till date

Project  # 1

Customization, development and maintenance of the web enabled fee based portfolio management solutions.


Give the name of the client


From September 2001.


QA Lead


Development: ASP, JavaScript, HTML. Java, .NET, COM, SQL Server, etc.

Testing: WinRunner, LoadRunner, Astra QuickTest, LoadTest, PVCS Tracker, Notify, Visual Source Safe, CSE HTML Validator, etc.


·       Leading a team of 11 testers for various clients.

·       Planning and implementation of tests for various projects at various stages.

·       Generation of manual and automated test plans and test cases.

·       Preparation of Automated Regression Test Suites for multiple projects.

·       Execution of automated regression tests on a day-to-day basis.

·       Assisting team members in generation of WinRunner, QuickTest scripts.

·       Administration of on-site and local installations of PVCS Tracker for defect tracking.

·       Performance testing using LoadRunner and Astra LoadTest.

·       Reporting at multiple levels for multiple projects.

·       Training members of QA Team in WinRunner, TSL, QuickTest and LoadTest.

·       Assisting QA Consultants for the CMMI compliance activities including Gap Analysis, Internal Audit, etc.

Similarly put project # 2 and so on..

You can also use this format :
Company:  Company name.
Web site:
Role:  Team Leader
Duration:  January 1999 to March 2001.
• Leading teams of developers/designers/testers, system analysis, and quality assurance.
• Designing, Planning, Executing White Box and Black Box tests.
• Planning and scheduling multiple projects as well as overall administration and management.
• Development of various e-commerce web sites.
• Administration and Maintenance of Windows 2000 Advanced Server based production network and MS SQL Server based database.
• Maintenance of web sites including content management, online database administration using MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager and performance analysis.
• Remote administration of collocated web server, Windows 2000/IIS5, through PcAnywhere.
• Remote administration of LINUX/Apache server through SSH.


• Master in Computer Applications (MCA)
• PG Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

Personal Information:
Age and Date of Birth: 
Marital status: 
Place of Birth: 
Permanent Address:.

Passport Details:
Passport Number: 
Date of Issue: 
Date of Expiration: 
Place of Issue:

Conclusion: Do not make your resume too long. On average try to keep it between 3 pages. Also if it is a Fresher Software Testing Resume then keep it in 1/2 pages only. If it is little more than one page then just try fit it into one page by doing little editing. If you have any question or want me to personally review your resume then just send it to

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