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Posted on Jul 26 2009 - 3:26pm by Raj

A fresher essentially is a new graduate who has no work experience in any professional¬† field. Writing a CV for a fresher can be a big deal, but if you get exact resume tips for freshers, one can easily get the work done. A curriculum vitae is something that reflects you inside out in front of the HR of the company and so you need to be very cautious while writing your bio data. It’s advised that you do not download a sample resume from the web and change it to your own. If you wish to crack the interview then, your CV must be an unique one and original too.
Here are some resume writing tips for freshers and college graduates for writting an amazing resume for interview:

1. As you’re developing your CV for the 1st time, Ensure that you do not apply casual language in the content. It has to be altogether professional with no spelling errors.

2. Don’t get concerned about the work experience of the people who might be giving the interview at the same time with you. If they have experience, you have your qualifications. Bring up your academic record in the highschool and graduation in your resume.

3. Always cite the project in your course which you have submitted. Projects must not be avoided as it can allow a lasting imprint of your knowledge and skills.

4. When writing on your hobbies in the CV, don’t bring up stuff such as dancing, movies, partying and coffee with folks and so on. Alternatively write on your personality traits, your involvement in the field of work, endowments that you possess affiliated work etc. Try more to associate yourself with the position that you are applying for in your when writing a curriculum vitae.

5. And the last tip for fresh college fresh graduates is, read your curriculum vitae several times thoroughly after your writing id done to Ensure that it contains no errors.

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