Regression test selection method

Posted on Mar 14 2010 - 6:11pm by Raj

Five keys to Choose the most effective Regression Test Cases

By definition regression testing is a new round of software validation after a build release with bug fixes.  According to Microsoft’s statistics, in accordance with their experience, most developers will introduce one fresh defect after solving 3 ~ 4 defects. So we need to do regression testing to find those newly introduced bugs.
In general, higher the coverage of the regression, lower the risk, but the time it will take will be more and vice versa. So, if time allows, once should cover all test cases as part of the regression test suite but generally will not have so much time. This requires us to make a balance between effort it takes and coverage of the test use cases used as regression testing.

When choosing regression testing, the first thing to determine is the ratio of regression test cases, this situation should be based on time, and 100% are the best, but because of the time constrains this ratio is generally around 60%. Then we have to determine the regression test cases’ priority.
Let’s check the seven most common Regression test selection method:

1. First check the newly modified features (if there is any) in the new build release.

2. Then find the impact areas, meaning because of the introduced new features. What the closely coupled areas can get impacted? All those related modules need to be retested as part of regression testing.
3.  Include the main flows or highly used areas of the program. You can easily get the frequency of the use of a particular module, and if it is very high then that is the area you need to retest.

4. Furthermore, the most vulnerable parts of the program, for instance, security risks, data leakage, encryption registration;

5. If the above done, there is still time, then best to include some of the alternative flows test cases found the use case. Alternative flows are not happy path testing but some other ways to use the programs.

These are the regression test case selection priority. In most of the organization people use some automation tools to automate the regression test cases. It always has got good ROI.

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