QTP Descriptive Programming – How to get number of objects

Posted on Aug 10 2009 - 11:33am by Raj

I’m going to explain and show QTP Descriptive Programming (DP) through Google Sets site:


The goal of the present QTP tutorial is to describe:

How to get number of controls (Links, Edits, Images, etc) with QTP DP.



Let’s investigate Descriptive Programming on examples.

First of all, we should understand what Descriptive Programming means:

What is QuickTest Professional Descriptive Programming (QTP DP)?


Answer: QTP DP is a run-time processing of objects which are not located in QTP Object Repository.



I’ve created new QTP script which starts with http://labs.google.com/sets page.

This QTP script is simple enough:

Set Desc = Description.Create()

Desc(“micClass”).Value = “WebEdit”

Set Links = Browser(“Google Sets”).Page(“Google Sets”).ChildObjects(Desc)


MsgBox “Number of Edits: “ & Links.Count

And its result is:

As you can see, it works correctly and returns correct number of Edits on a page.

I’m going to explain this QTP script and answer the following question:

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