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How Rational Test Suit Can Help me to achieve te above goals?
To put these software development principles to work, Rational Software offers Rational Suite, a family of market-leading software development tools supported by the Rational Unified Process. These tools help you throughout the project lifecycle.
Rational Suite packages the tools and the process into several editions, each of which is customized for specific practitioners on your development team, including analysts, developers, and testers.
Alone, these tools have helped organizations around the world successfully create software. Integrated into Rational Suite, they:

  • Unify your team by enhancing communication and providing common tools.
  • Optimize individual productivity with market-leading development tools packaged in Suite editions that are customized for the major roles on your team.
  • Simplify adoption by providing a comprehensive set of integrated tools that deliver simplified installation, licensing, and user support plans.

The following tools are included in this suite:

  • IBM Rational PurifyPlus for Windows
  • IBM Rational Rose Enterprise
  • IBM Rational Robot

IBM Rational Team Unifying Platform
IBM Rational® Team Unifying Platform is an integrated suite of infrastructure tools and process including:   IBM Rational® RequisitePro
  IBM Rational® ProjectConsole
  IBM Rational® ClearCase LT
  IBM Rational® ClearQuest®
  IBM Rational® TestManager
  IBM Rational® SoDA®
  IBM Rational® Method Composer

A core part of every Rational Suite®, Rational Team Unifying Platform unifies your team by providing common access to development assets, communication alerts and workflow processes. Rational ProjectConsole provides managers and team members with access to complete project information through a single Web site.

Rational® PurifyPlus for Windows® is an automated runtime analysis tools for Windows-based application performance.

Automated runtime analysis tools to improve Windows-based application reliability and performance. Designed for Java, Visual C/C++, C#, VB.NET, and Visual Basic applications.

Provides a complete set of automated runtime analysis tools
Improves application Windows-based application reliability and performance
Is designed for Java, Visual C/C++, C#, VB.NET and Visual Basic applications
Operating systems supported: Windows
IBM® Rational® Rose® Enterprise provides a common modeling language for enabling faster creation of quality software. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Jump-start your Ada, ANSI C++, C++, CORBA, Java™, J2EE™, Visual C++® and Visual Basic® applications with code generated from visual models.
  • Includes Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) support and is one of the most comprehensive products in the Rational Rose family
  • Supports Analysis, ANSI C++, Rose J and Visual C++ patterns, Enterprise JavaBeans™ 2.0, and forward and/or reverse engineering for some of the most common Java 1.5 constructs
  • Offers code quality analysis abilities and code generation, with configurable model-to-code synchronization capabilities, as well as more granular management and use of models with the separately controllable model components feature
  • Integrates with other IBM Rational lifecycle development tools as well as any SCC-compliant version control system, including IBM Rational ClearCase®
  • Includes a Web Modeling Add-In, which provides visualization, modeling and tools for developing Web applications
  • Provides UML modeling for database designs, with the ability to represent the integration of data and application requirements through logical and physical designs
  • Creates XML document type definitions (DTD) for use in your application
  • Operating systems supported: HP Unix, Linux, Windows

Rational Robot is a test automation tool for functional testing of client/server applications. Some features of the Rational Robot is listed below:

  • Test automation tool for QA teams for testing client/server applications. Enables defect detection, includes test cases and test management, supports multiple UI technologies.
  • Provides a general-purpose test automation tool for QA teams for functional testing of client/server applications
  • Lowers learning curve for testers discovering the value of test automation processes
  • Enables test-automation engineers to detect defects by extending test scripts and to define test cases
  • Provides test cases for common objects and specialized test cases to development environment objects
  • Includes built-in test management, integrates with IBM Rational Unified Process tools
  • Aids in defect tracking, change management and requirements traceability
  • Supports multiple UI technologies
  • Operating systems supported: Windows

Each of the above area will be discussed in details in the subsequent articles.

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