Introduction to QA Testing Tools

Posted on Aug 8 2009 - 3:34pm by Raj

When do you use Software QA Testing testing tools?

It’s appropriate to use testing tools when:

* You need to test execution-based program response time and regression testing

* You need to accurately measure performance and workload

* You need to rerun a test four times or more

* You expect to use the tools on four or more projects

* You want to capture application knowledge for reuse after the application authors have left

When do you AVOID QA testing tools?

Testing Tools can actually hinder successful testing if they are used in certain engagements, such as:

* Manual only processes
* One-time tests
* Short project deadline
* Limited project budget
* No testing tool available

Software test tools available in the market

* CompuWare – QA Run: Creates and executes client/server application tests and analyzes their results. Integrated set of tools for functional testing on a wide range of platforms and configurations, for load testing and for testing by developers QARun is a classic capture-replay regression testing tool for windows graphical user interfaces. Extended to test browser based interfaces. Go to for more information

* Mercury Interactive РWinRunner: WinRunner is an enterprise functional testing tool that verifies applications work as expected. Supports a broad range of software andplatforms: Netscape & MS Internet Explorer, Java applets & applications, ActiveX, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Fort̩, Numerous OCX Controls, C/C++, SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Baan, Legacy Systems (mainframe, AS/400, character UNIX systems). Go to for more information

* Rational Software – Rational Robot: An automated testing tool utilizing object oriented recording to conduct functional and/or performance testing on client/server applications. Go to for more information

* RSW Software – e-Tester: e-Tester is a functional test tool for Web based applications. e-Tester features a powerful, intuitive Visual Script, an automated test case generator, a specialized text matching component and the ability to execute data driven tests using the Data Bank Wizard. Recorded Visual Scripts automatically capture and test Anchors, Elements, Forms, Frames, HTML, Images, Image Maps, Links, ActiveX controls, Java Applets, VBScript, and JavaScript. Visual Scripts require no programming. Go to for more information

* Segue Software – SilkTest: SilkTest from Segue Software is a regression testing product for e-business applications. Testing encompass the web, Java and traditional client/server applications. SilkTest also offers test planning & management, direct database access and validation, an object-based fourth generation 4Test language for scripting test cases, a built-in recovery system for unattended testing, and test across multiple platforms, browsers and technologies. Go to for more information

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