Introduction to Loadrunner Part 1

Posted on Nov 14 2007 - 1:51pm by Raj

Some Fact about Load Testing:

Fact #1 : 
Most users click away after 8 second delay

Fact #2 : 
$4.4 billion in revenue lost annually
due to poor web performance

Why we need to do Load Tests? 

  • The failure of a mission-critical web application can be costly

  • Assure performance and functionality under real-world conditions

  • Locate and resolve potential problems before  it hits on the users.

Performance is Important


  • Performance  is  the  key  to  success  of  any web based application

  • We will get to know the maximum capacity the system can handle for an application

  • We can decide whether we should go for Hardware upgrades or Performance tuning 
    Objectives of this Course

    Understand the issues involved in load testing Web applications
    Learn your responsibilities as the LoadRunner expert
    Learn how to perform successful load tests using LoadRunner

    Many concurrent users running the same application to see whether a system handles the load without compromising functionality or performance.
    Test Objectives

    • How many concurrent users can the system handle without increase in the expected response time?

    • Can the system serve x concurrent users without any errors?

Important Terminologies

  •   System

  •   Response Time

  •   Think Time

  •   Work Load

  •   Transaction Mix

  •   Throughput

Response Time


Time in which the system responds for a particular Transaction request

Think Time

  • Time taken for selecting a new Transaction after the response for the

  •  previous Transaction has been received



  • No. of Users

  • Transactions

  • Batch Programs

  • Background Load

Transaction Mix
Varying execution frequency of different Transactions



The amount of work that can be performed by a system or component in a given period of time.

  •   Transactions per Second

  •   Web Interactions per Second

  •   Pages per Second

  •   Bytes per Second

The Steps Involved in Load Testing

  •   Planning Load Tests

  •   Creating Vusers

  •   Creating Scenarios

  •   Executing Scenarios

  •   Analysis of the system under Load

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