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Objectives of this article to explain LoadRunner runtime settings, controller, the different types of scenarios,  How to create manual scenario.

Run-Time Settings

  • Control the behavior of the user when running the script
  • Configure Web Vusers to emulate real users accessing the Web site

Important Run-Time Settings

  •   Browser Emulation
  •   Think Time
  •   Logs

Browser Emulation

  •   Specify Browser type
  •   Simulate cache
  •   Emulate network capacity
  •   Emulate modem speed


Think Time Settings

  •   Specified in seconds
  •   Ignore recorded think time
  •   Replay the recorded think time
  •   Randomize think time
  •   Multiply the recorded think time by specific values
  •   Limit the think time to a maximum value

Log Settings

  •  Can disable logging
  •  Log a specific set of function calls and messages – Standard Log
  •  Log parameter substitutions
  •  Log response data from server
  •  All the messages and  function calls raised


What is a Scenario?

  •   It describes the events that occur during a testing session
  •   It is the means by which you emulate a real-life user
  •   Scenarios include
  1.      a list of machines on which Vusers run
  2.      a list of scripts that the Vusers run
  3.      a specified number of Vusers or
  4.      Vuser groups that run during the scenario
  •   Scenarios are created using the LoadRunner Controller 

Types of Scenario

  • Manual Scenario

Create a scenario by defining Vuser groups to which are assigned a quantity of individual Vusers, Vuser scripts, and load generators to run the scripts.

  • Goal Oriented Scenario

For Web tests, the goals of the tests are defined by us and LoadRunner automatically builds a scenario based on these goals.

Manual Scenario

Creating a Manual Scenario

  •   Create Vuser groups 
  •   Each script selected in the New Scenario dialog box is assigned to a Vuser group
  •   Each Vuser group is assigned a number of virtual users
  •   All Vusers in a group can be assigned to run the same script on the same load generator machine
  •   Different scripts and load generators can be assigned to the various Vusers in a group
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