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Objectives of this Article:

  •   Information that are required for load testing a system

  •   Where to obtain these information from?

  •   Organizing the system information collected

  •   Using the information effectively to carry out Load Tests.

Business Transactions

A business transaction is a set of user actions performed with an application to accomplish a business task.

  Reserving flight tickets
  Buying a computer from a online store
  Logging into your web-based email service

Vital Information for any Load Test

  • The architecture of the system

  • A brief idea about the application.

  • The list of business transactions

  • The time at which the system has peak load

  • The acceptable response time for the transactions

  • No. of concurrent users the system is expected to handle during peak load

  • {mosgoogle}

How to Obtain?

  •   IT documentation

  •   Application users

  •   IT Managers

  •   System Administrators

  •   Server and online statistics

  •   Developers

Getting Organized

  •   Select the Transactions to automate

  •   Decide on the Transaction Mix

  •   Obtain User details for the transactions

  •   The tables these transactions query

  •   The web server / application server components invoked by the transactions

Select the transactions

  •   Give priority to business critical transactions

  •   Give priority to transactions that have high database activity

  •   Give priority to transactions that have high web server or application
      server activity

  •   Know the peak load time

Decide on Transaction Mix

  •   Impact of the failure of a particular transaction on business 

  •   The transactions that are fired during peak load

  •   the no. of times they are fired during peak load

User details

For each of the chosen transactions find

  •   Who are the users who fire the transaction?

  •   How many concurrent users are there?

  •   How often they fire the transactions?

For each of the chosen transactions find

Tables queried

  •   The tables the transaction queries

  •   The tables the transaction updates

Server components invoked

  The servlet / jsp that are invoked by the transaction. 

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