IEE Standard 829 Sample Test Plan Template

Posted on Dec 12 2009 - 8:25am by Raj

1. What is a IEE Standard 829 Sample Test Plan Template:

Sections for inclusion:

Test Plan identifier: A unique name or number, useful if you store all documents in a database.
Introduction:  Include references to all relevant policy and standards documents, and high-level product plans.
Test items: A test item is a software item (function, module, feature, etc) that is to be tested. List them all, or refer to a document that lists them all. Include references to specifications (e.g. requirements and design) and manuals.
Features to be tested: Cross-reference them to test design specifications.
Features not to be tested: Which ones and why not.
Approach: Describe the overall approach to testing: who does it, main activities, techniques, and tools used for each major group of features.  How will you decide that a group of features is adequately tested? The Standard also says that this section, not the schedule section, is the plat to identify constraints, including deadlines and the availability of people and test items.
Item pass/fail criteria:  How does a tester decide whether the program passed or failed a given test?
Suspension criteria and resumption criteria: List anything that would cause you to stop testing until it’s fixed. What would have to be done to get you to restart testing? What tests should be redone at this point?
Test deliverables: List of all the testing documents that will be written for this product.
Testing tasks:  List all tasks necessary to prepare for and do testing.  Show dependencies between tasks, special skills (or people) needed to do them, who does each, how much effort is involved, and when each will be done.
Environmental needs: Describe the necessary hardware, software, testing tools, lab facilities, etc.
Responsibilities: Name the groups (or people) responsible for managing, designing, preparing, executing, witnessing, checking, fixing, resolving, getting you the equipment, etc.
Staffing and training needs:  How many people you need at each skill level, and what training they need.
Schedule: List all milestones with dates, and when all resources (people, machines, tools, and facilities) will be needed.
Risks and contingencies: What are the highest risk assumptions in the test plan?  What can go sufficiently wrong to delay the schedule, and what will you do about it?
Approvals: Who has to approve this plan?  Provide space for their signatures.

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