How To Job Search in Software Testing?

Posted on Jun 10 2012 - 10:35am by Raj

Looking for a Job is a full time job so they say and it has proven to be absolutely true. Technology has changed at a great speed and it is important to keep current with those trends and new job searching techniques. This will maximise your employability and you will have a better chance of getting your ideal job.
Research has shown us that 70 -80% of the jobs are never advertised.  Only 20-30% of the job seekers find their job through recruiting agencies, internet and newspaper adds. This tells us that people find their work in the hidden job market.
Two known ways of doing this is through:
1. Networking: People get them by talking to friends, family, neighbours, acquaintances, members of your church or local club/pub, former colleagues, and others who know of an opening. Tell people that you are looking for a job because the people you know may be some of the most effective resources for your search.
2. Cold calling: Directly contacting employers either by a phone call or calling in to their office is one of the most successful means of job hunting. Before making a telephone call to the organisation you must research the organisation, markets and be able to illustrate how your skills will complement what they do.
Other ways are by:
1. Employment and Placement Agencies: Private agencies will contact employers who otherwise may be difficult to locate saving you a lot of time. Some of these agencies may charge you a small fee but normally operate on a commission basis.
2. Classified Advertisements: The advertisements in newspapers list numerous jobs, and many people find work by responding to these ads. But when using classified ads, keep the following in mind:
Read and answer ads promptly because openings may be filled quickly.
Keep a record of all ads to which you have responded, including the specific skills, educational background, and personal qualifications required for the position. You may want to follow up on your initial inquiry.
3. Internet resources: The Internet includes many Job hunting Web sites with job listings. Some web sites provide National listings of all kinds; others are local. Some relate to a specific type of work; others are general. Many websites allow job seekers to post their resumes online for free.

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