Effective Methods For Software Testing

Posted on Jun 20 2009 - 4:48pm by Raj

Effective Methods For Software Testing


The need for some of the most effective methods for software testing is certainly far more now than ever before. There are certain principles that need to be followed which would keep most of us in good stead apart of any conditions. We need to have a very clear understanding of we are doing. So getting your self acquainted is certainly the main objective that is behind all of the training and skill building. We simply need to find some of the best and more efficient ways to test software. There certainly are a number of misconceptions in most of the software industries today and most of the people believe that software testing is in fact an easy task and anyone can simply do it.


The main factor is that there certainly are a number of skills that you have to develop and sharpen before you think of being a good tester. So you simply need to develop your mindset and you certainly need to have enough of the patience. Training is very much important as it certainly helps one to develop. One needs a constant practice along with repetition of all techniques. It certainly is a long way to make the training more effective.


But one should always remember the fact that training may certainly not be available all the time and it certainly may be very much expensive. But there certainly are some options available for effective methods for software testing. A lot of it can be achieved by self study which you can do on the internet and also by reading some of the good books. You can certainly follow the method of team study and try discussing most of it among your team and friends. You can learn new concepts. You can also try to develop and design a sort of roadmap for all of your training. Webinars, E-learning and teleconferences can certainly be very much helpful to you to make some of the methods most effective for software testing.


You can certainly try reusability as it is one of the most effective methods for software testing. It will also help you to increase your team’s efficiency. Try test planning documents and strategies for completing some of the projects successfully. Try detailed test designing and automation. But you need to keep in mind that it can only affect if all of the items are managed properly. Try giving more importance to test optimization. Try looking towards all of the new test cases and then add certain amount of value to it. Try improving quality of the software. You need to remember that this extra test case certainly has to be maintained and at the same time has to perform better.


You need to identify all the areas that need to be automated. Once you are very much comfortable with automation then your certainly can use more expensive tools. This certainly is one of the most effective methods for software testing. If you want to be a good tester you need to analyze all the defects. You have to try to make the system more effective and efficient. List all of the top defects and try to rectify them. Always try to manage a checklist. It certainly will add consistency and also uniformity to you testing, and never compromise on the quality.

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