Design Testing Tools – A Challenging Task Requires The Right Tools

Posted on Mar 18 2018 - 3:12am by Raj

Testing tools are an important part of the development process of any software. To design testing tools is also a challenging task because it is impossible to test a program completely.

Software engineers classify software faults and software failures as separate entities. A faultÂ-a programming errorÂ-may or may not in fact display as a failure. In the semantics of a computer program, a fault can be termed as an error. A fault can become a failure when a software is taken to a different hardware or compiler.

Software testing can be seen as a sub-field of Software Quality Assurance. But essentially it remains independent. This is used to reduce the level of faults that end up in the code. The level of confidence in a software shows how far it can go in the process of detecting faults.

It also depends on the nature of the software what is the acceptable detect rate. A video game designed to create a flying airplane would have much more tolerance for defects than a software used to control an actual airliner. Hence, tests are to be designed keeping in mind the end use of the software. The critical the use, the stringent has to be the test.

White box, grey box and black box testing are terms a test engineer picks up while designing test cases. Black box testing behaves with the software as a black box and does not try to understand as to how is its internal function. White box testing is used when the internal data code, structure and algorithms are scanned by the tester. Grey box testing might be used in the problems concerning the test of a client server. It inspects the value in an SQL database, and the output generated.

There are levels of testing with which a testing tool deals. Unit testing is used to test the smallest software component or module. Integration testing is used to expose defects in the interface and interaction between modules. Functional testing is used to test the proper functionality like class, module, interface and system.

Then there are certain other levels through which a process has to go through like system testing, system integration testing, and acceptance testing which is further divided into two portions: Alpha testing and Beta testing.

The process which covers events, action, input, output, actual and expected result is documented in a test case. The term ”test script” combines a test case, test data and test procedures employed. Test scripts can be automated, manual or a combination of both. Collection of test cases is a test suite that contains detailed instructions for each test case. If the sequence is detailed, it can be called a test scenario or script.

To design testing tools is, as stated above, a challenging task. What is required to do so is clear thought and a cool head.

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