Compuware Testing Tools And Their Importance For IT Departments Worldwide

Posted on Apr 20 2016 - 3:10am by Raj

Compuware Corporation is one company of the many software companies that deal in products prepared for the information technology departments of prominent businesses. The company relies heavily upon its compuware testing tools to give worthy and trouble free software products.

These tools are software testing tools which include testing, management and development software to run programs on mainframe computer and its client-server systems.

In today’s competitive scenario IT companies are searching for tools that can help speed fault resolution in their organization. Frequent change makes it hard for anyone to be an expert at problem solving. Compuware’s Abend-AID products are helpful to IT organizations because they can speedily resolve and manage their application failure process to decrease evaluation downtime and to achieve adequate service levels.

The Compuware Application Reliability SolutionÂ-which is quality governance solutionsÂ-comprises of a patented methodology to infuse a consistent discipline during process, operations and quality assurance.

If systematic testing approach is followed, one can adhere to regular quality assurance, deliver quality metrics needed to make a sound decision, and ensure if the business demands are met.

Compuware Changepoint equips you with an integrated view of information technology. With it you can manage your projects effectively. It enables CIOs to manage and align IT portfolios, enhance organizational efficiency, keeping complete focus on quality during service delivery.

Covisint helps people and systems work better. Since 2002, its safe interoperability platform has assisted leading CEMs to enhance collaboration and cut down costs. Its safe portal and web-based services give cost-effective solutions.

The Compuware DevPartner delivers superior quality to testing teams and application development. It offers technology that provides solution in debugging, analyzing, testing and tuning applications. DevPartner has also solutions for security concerns in IT industry. File-AID helps us get results. With its tools we can effectively manage our data. It also reduces risk so that the team could focus on high-quality applications.

Another Compuware tool, OptimalJ which was launched in 2001 is a Java model-driven. The professional edition focuses to simplify 12EE development while its architecture edition extends capabilities for writing implementation and designing patterns.

There are several other Compuware testing tools which give variety to IT companies. QACentre, Strobe, TestPartner, Uniface, Vantage, and Xpediter are some Compuware testing tools. With its services Compuware Corporation works in maximizing the value IT gives to the business by assisting CIOs in managing their IT business. Each of its testing tools works on performance enhancing while providing services.

Compuware provides reliable services to its customers with the help of Compuware testing tools. The customers include Fortune 500 companies and more than 23,000 customers around the world. Hence, the reliability of the solutions can be trusted upon.

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