Comparison between Loadrunner and Rational Performance Tester

Posted on Nov 2 2007 - 1:30pm by Raj


Rational Performance Tester

Mercury LoadRunner

Straight-forward, easy to understand UI with tree-view of

Ok with this Point

Its very easy to learn.

test for novice and mid-level testers. Test details hidden

in UI but available for experienced users

Single application for test recording, execution and results

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In mercury we are adding sub transaction and more transaction .Its help to find out the bottle neck.


Automatic data correlation during test recording

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Its having two co relation part one is automated and another one is manual.In complecated application manuala co relation helps.

Test data table provided to simplify data correlation and

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In mercury we are taking the parameter from note pad or excel.If its is not sufficient then we will connect trough any database.Like large no of data

data pooling

Server-independent data correlation (handles more load

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Server specific data correlation.It helps the find the bottle neck.

testing situations and application types)

Industry-standard scripting language



Can be installed on either Microsoft Windows or Linux

It can be installed both But not in Unix

It can be installed in Unix and Windows

Common environment with developers to make access to

Ok with this Point

Ok with this Point

performance tests within developer IDE possible

Prortocol supports

Very less

It supports all 51 protocol of application

Multiple prortocol

single protocol at once

Multiple protocol at once



It supports 39 monitors

Function Implementation according to the logic like dynamic transactions supports for web 2.0


More functions are there

scripting and build build to challenge

u can edit But u cant do it maximum.You ve to record

IT can know easily whwre the changes.we can edit manually can regenerate the same script also.if u delete anything again u will get the same loss is minimum.

Frame work support

Very less

Its support maximum


It has some limitation

207 types garphs are there.Cross garph result.Help in finding the bottle neck.

Deep digonostic on application and Function and coding

it has very less support

It helps a lot to finding the bottle neck

Analysis Report

Its in word

Its in html,exel and in words.

Controller and generator

Limited option

Maximum Options are there


Not there

Infrastructure tuning are there and Tuning is for resolves the bottlenck.Giving the benchmark of application.

Agent configuration,Milistener Config,Password encoder,Snmp Tuning,wana elimation

Not there

its supports and satisfied the customer

Wan Emulator

Not there

Its supports for the distance loaction like one country to another country.We can do the test.

Rendvezous Point concept

Not there

Its support for Sync test.One point all users will work.

In anlysis Filters are there for filter and Global Filter.

Not there

we can pin point that what point ,which script and we can exclude the %th percentage concept.We can filter which Vuser id Which Vuser group fails we pin point of bottleneck.

Memory lick analysis module

Not there

add ins requred

Modem Speed Test

Not there

we can do the test for different modem speed.

Performance Management

Not there

Now its all intigrated



Its Easy

Analysis for disk space


Large is required







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