Checklist of Testing Web Application

Posted on Aug 8 2009 - 4:11pm by Raj

Checklist of Testing Web Application

1. Page links to check: Make sure links to each page of the web site is working and link among the pages are working fine.
2. The relevance of inspection: Add and delete items from a dynamic web site and make sure this does not impact the other items present in the web page.

3. To check the function of the button is correct: If the update, cancel, delete, save and other functions are correct or not.

4. String length check: Put excess of characters a input box should support and make sure it is not taking that. Also make sure if the requirement is 256 characters then it is alteast taking 256 characters.

5. Character type checking: If special character is not allowed then give some special character, negative values and make sure proper error message has been thrown by the system.

6. Punctuation check: Make sure punctuation, space, enter key in the input field not giving any error (unit unless specified they are not allowed)

7. To deal with the Other language characters: If other languages are supported in the input box check whether the system can accept them and they are not garbled.

8. Check out the integrity of information: Update the information through web and then recall that information through search to make sure it is updated property in the back end database.

9. Check to retrieve the information if the names or IDs are case sensitive.

10. Check the deletion function: Delete something and try to retrieve that information. Make sure proper error message is thrown by the system.

11. Submit the form multiple times: Fill up a form, submit it and then press browser back button. Try to resubmit the form. See how system behaves.

12. Search examination: Search function is one of the most important function to test. Check search for an item which exists. Check with invalid search criteria and see the error messages.

13. Tab location change: Check the tab location change is proper or not for a particular page.

14. From Download File Checker: Upload a proper file within the size limit and accepted format. Also check with large file, improper file format.

15. Required field validation: Omit some of the required fields and make sure system gives proper error messages.

16. Shortcut keys to check: whether to support the commonly used shortcut keys such as Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Backspace and so on

17. ENTER key to check: In the input directly after the ENTER key to see how the system reacts, whether throws some error.

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