Application Testing Tools: Why They Are Of Critical Importance

Posted on Apr 20 2016 - 3:06am by Raj

Testing an application is very important. It is done through application testing tools. Different application testing tools perform different functions. Some application testing tools gather or define test data. Some of the other tools run tests, and the final ones monitor the changes in files and the registry, during and after the tests run.

There are many types of different testing tools that perform different functions. Some of these tools are teat automation tools, custom scripts, data extraction tools, test databases and comparison and monitoring tools.

These tools also come in different types like some types of test automation tools are record tools, playback tools and teat case generators. Installation scripts are a type of custom scripts. Data warehouse tools are an example of data extension tools. Tools, created for regression testing, could be an example of test databases. The tools that track any changes in the file or registry are a type of comparison and monitoring tools.

Every different application test has a different function. It depends upon the application being tested. Some tools are designed to test the applications in an operating system. Some of them are used for testing web or Internet applications.

An example of application testing tools for operating systems is a Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit. This toolkit is provided by Microsoft. The tool kit contains two major tools, namely, Windows Application Verifier and Compatibility Administrator.

Windows application verifier helps the users uncover the heap problems. It also helps locate problem which can not be located otherwise. Compatibility Administrator is a tool that resolves compatibility problems, while the application is running. It does so by applying application compatibility fixes to the running application

The application compatibility fixes are very helpful as it helps resolve compatibility problems even when the user does not have the access to the source code. It is also helpful when the user does not have the needed time to debug, modify, and implement the changes in the code. The application compatibility is not able to modify source code. So, it must be applied whenever the user installs an application on a workstation.

Then comes the Internet application testing tools. It helps the users find the best and the most stable application possible. One of its prime examples is LogiTest. It can record and playback single tests. It can also help the users create a functional and regression test, using a simple graphical user interface.

Another tool is LogiMonitor that monitors web applications and sends notifications or takes the required actions in case of a web application failure.

The application testing tools are of critical importance, because they let the users find the best and the most suitable applications.

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