5 Habits to become a Good Software Tester

Posted on Apr 7 2009 - 5:06pm by Raj

If it is hard to find a good software developer then it is more difficult to find a good software tester. What does it take to become an excellent professional in software testing? There are certain qualities and attitudes that you must have to become an effective software test person. Here are five qualities that define a good software tester.

1. Attitude Matters: In any kind of effort attitude is always the key to success. Inborn passion for what you do always define their interest and enthusiasm towards their work. Successful and efficient software testers often describe themselves as tough, rigorous, uncompromising and firm and have a passion for analysis and evaluation. In general, the passion is a natural substance in a person rather than characteristics acquired.

2. Intellectual and technical capacity: There should be a good (maybe above average), analytical and logicical ability. He must be able to cope with complex logic and should be able to perform at a high level in this kind of adjustment in short, a good software tester must be intelligent. Apart from intellectual ability, a good test engineer must have a excellent background in coding in order to grasp the concept of the system being tested.

3. Flexibility: Ability to adapt and willingness to learn is one of the most essential qualities of a good software tester. He must have an embedded inclination to be continuing learners and have dedication in upgrading and developing their skills. For instance, the Visual Basic platform change dramatically from VB6 to VB.Net, a good software tester must be flexible enough to cope with the changes of new technology.

4. Communication Skills: An effective test engineer must have strong written and verbal communication skills. He must have the ability to listen critically and rationally speaking clearly convey the message in person to the meetings. A good software tester must be able to read and analyze the product documentation, writing test plans, write bug reports clear, coherent writing status reports to management, both in official reports and special reports on email .

5. Business sense: It is important for a good software to have good business sense. Must have the ability to see the larger picture of a company’s global business strategy. This allows a software tester to actively participate in a higher level than just an individual contributor.

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